Co-Creative Marketing is a consulting business specializing in Digital Marketing and SEO located in upstate New York

Co-Creative Marketing is a simple twist on an existing service offering. I’m not your typical SEO agency, advertising firm, or even a boutique shop. I’m an Independent Digital Marketing Consultant looking to do great work for great people.


Who Am I?

I’m a marketing professional with 6+ years of experience in the industry and a reputation for being a top link builder. I love what I do and have been involved in SEO and digital marketing for my entire professional career.

I’ve held an interest in starting a business since a young age and have continued to nurture and grow my entrepreneurial spirit over time. I love blogging, copywriting, branding, design, product development, SEO, and of course all things digital marketing and advertising. Outside of the office, I’m a health and fitness nut, outdoor enthusiast, and one of the biggest dog lovers you’ll ever meet.

Since we’re having a heart-to-heart, believe me when I say I’m genuinely interested in your brand and am excited to assist in achieving your business goals and objectives.

What I Value

  • Good working relationships built on trust, good communication and above all, cooperation.
  • Collaboration and team work
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Offering custom solutions and strategies
  • Simplifying SEO services
  • Flexibility among services and processes
  • Being creative, unique and innovative
  • Affordability

How I Can Help

I’m here to serve my clients and offer flexibility when it comes to meeting their needs. I don’t offer a one-size-fits-all service. I’m here to work with you in all aspects of the process. Think of me as an extension of your team.

As an independent consultant, I take on smaller workloads than the average agency and offer more individualized attention. This means I’m not juggling a large client list or spreading myself too thin. Being a consultant allows me to be more effective by filling in some of the gaps or weakness typically found at larger Internet Marketing agencies at more affordable prices.

Who is a good fit for Co-Creative Marketing? Just about anyone. I help businesses large and small and even other agencies that could use a hand.

My Approach to SEO

I support a safe, natural and balanced approach when it comes to search marketing. Over the past five years in the industry, I’ve been fortunate to work for some of the most respected SEO agencies and professionals in the US.

I’ve learned a great deal and have had the opportunity to experience a wide range of processes and approaches, which has helped me to find the digital marketing balance I now recommend to my clients.

It’s amazing to be in such a dynamic and ever-changing field. SEO grew from simple tactics of manipulation and gaming of the search engines to a legitimate industry. Times have changed and today, SEO and digital marketing is marketing.

Yet with frequent changes to best practices, Webmaster guidelines, and recommendations for search engine success, the digital marketing landscape is a difficult industry to not only navigate but also stay afloat in. This is especially true for busy and hard-working business owners.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been on the road and have the directions to get you where you want to be. Let’s put our heads to together and see what we can accomplish.