Blog Optimization

Whether you have a new or existing blog, an important aspect not to overlook is the blog design and the setup. If you’re blog isn’t set up correctly or is less than visually appealing, it could deter readers and underperform in the search results.

If you’re concerned about either of these areas, let’s talk. We can work together to design a fresh and modern blog that’s not only attractive to your readers but offers a better user experience.

If it’s the setup you need counsel on, I’m happy to tweak your blog so it’s running smoothly. I can help you determine the best blogging platform for your needs, optimize your blog for performance in the search results and for your end users. Let’s reevaluate your blog so that you’re able to put your best foot forward.


Blog Strategy

Did you know there are over 150 million blogs on the Internet today? Unfortunately the blog failure rate is even more daunting. It’s estimated that roughly 95% of blogs are abandoned, left to collect dust on the web. It’s even been said that blogs have a higher failure rate than restaurants. Jeez.

Most people start blogs with hefty ambitions and goals. Those dreams often go unfulfilled, not due to a lack of work ethic or quality but due to a lack of planning. Given the competition in the blogosphere, you must ask yourself why people would spend time reading your blog. This question can be answered with appropriate market research and planning.

If you’re new to blogging or you’d like to take your experienced blog (personal or professional) to the next level, I can certainly help. There’s nothing I love more than starting a blog, narrowing in on a focus or niche market and helping bloggers to work their way through the process. I’ll work with you to increase your content footprint with advice on initial planning, researching your industry, finding your voice and writing style, uploading and publishing posts that attract readers, promoting your blog, and measuring success.

Soon you’ll be growing as an authority in your industry, boosting thought leadership, establishing a following, and generating leads and sales. When put into execution, your blog strategy will pave the way for advancing your personal or professional goals.