SEO Services

SEO Audits

Just as you would visit the doctor for a routine physical each year, the same should go for your website. It’s wise to periodically evaluate and analyze your website to ensure everything is working properly and is optimized to its full potential.

With the ever-changing search engine ecosystem, a well functioning website is essential if you want to perform favorably in the search results. A site audit has evolved from a good idea to a business necessity.

Aside from taking a proactive approach, an SEO audit is often effective at troubleshooting ranking decreases or areas that a website is underperforming in the search results.

If you feel your site needs a minor check up or a full on forensic investigation, I can help. I’ll use industry tools and technical SEO knowledge to point out the weaknesses and opportunities within your website.

Whether you’re looking for an audit to assess the general health of your website or to identify a issue specific issue like the potential for a manual action or algorithmic update, competitive opportunities, conversions, or negative SEO – I’d be happy to jump in and take an in-depth look.

Penalty Remediation: Manual or Algorithmic

Have you been handed a manual action or were you affected by an algorithmic update? Maybe you’d like to be proactive in preventing one. Either way, if you find yourself in any of these situations, I highly recommend seeking help from an SEO professional.

Google relies on their algorithm to evaluate websites and is constantly seeks to improve search quality. This includes frequent updates to their algorithm to provide better search results to users. Though these changes are helpful for search engine users, these updates can often have a negative effect on businesses that are not following the latest suggestions for best practices and recommendations from Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

While Google relies on their algorithm to provide the best possible search results, they’re also willing to take manual action against sites that engage in certain activities against their Webmaster Guidelines. This results in the website’s demotion or removal from the search results altogether.

It goes without saying that a manual action or algorithmic update can have a drastic effect on a business. Anything that can effect a website’s position in the search results can also affect a website’s ability to bring in new business and earn an income.

This is why it’s important to work with a knowledgeable SEO professional who can help remedy the issues and mitigate risk in the future. When the time comes to take action in either preventing or remedying a manual action or algorithmic update, I can help you get through these times as quickly and effectively as possible. I offer link removal, disavow documents, reconsideration letters, and consultation throughout the process.

Local SEO

It’s been estimated that out of the 100 billion searches handled by Google every month, approximately seven billion of those unique searches have local intent. Discovering local business and other information via the web is here to stay. In fact it’s even exceeded traditional discovery methods like the newspaper, phonebook, or Yelllow Pages.

Consider this fun fact: Google shows local results for search queries that don’t even contain city or geographic terms. Now consider that approximately 40% of mobile searches have local intent. This means there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for local businesses to get discovered online.

Though local search opportunities seem endless, it can be a confusing area of SEO. Knowing how to navigate local business listings, handle reviews and ratings, build location-based links and press, optimize your website for local search, create a local social following, all while staying abreast of the local ranking factors, can be quite daunting. Hire a professional so you can do what you do best: running your business.

If you’re a location-based business, the potential to attract new customers from local search is massive. Let me help you decide if local search is a good match for your business. If so, we can get you set up on the right track for marketing your business and drawing in new customers and leads.

Keyword Research & Analysis

It’s easy to forget that keywords are one of the main building blocks of SEO. While it’s certainly true that the role of the keyword, best practices for use, and how Google interprets them is constantly evolving, one fact remains the same; keywords are still very important.
Keywords are a form of market research for your business. They inform on search and user behavior and more importantly, what your customers are interested in. Search engine users type their innermost thoughts, fears and desires into the search bar. By understanding what they’re looking for, you can structure your website and content to solve their problems and drive conversions.

It’s time to start thinking about keywords strategically. In fact, Google has stated, “approximately 50% of all searches have never been typed in before” which is why it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to keyword research, analysis and implementation.

Your keywords are also an important indicator of how your website is performing in the search results, making it a good idea to revaluate and improve upon them from time to time. Often ranking issues can be improved upon simply by reevaluating keywords, choosing appropriate terms to target, and working them into your website content properly.

Search engines are on their way to better understanding the meaning behind search queries. This means keyword research, choice, and selection will continue to be important. If you decide a keyword overhaul is a good idea, I’m more than happy to help.