Monthly Social Media Marketing

Many business owners are hesitant to hire professional help when it comes to social media marketing services. They believe it’s relatively uncomplicated and that there’s always someone within the company that’s up for the task.

The reality is that social media is far more complex than it appears. It can be overwhelming, especially if operating without a plan. Driving engagement, increasing followers, and building a network that provides real value is hard work and requires a savvy mind and marketing know-how.

If you’re not up for the task because you lack the time, staff, or desire to jump into the social scene, I can do the heavy lifting for you. I’ll implement your social media strategy, manage and optimize social profiles, monitor the social conversation surrounding your brand, and respond to both positive and negative mentions, all while driving engagement among your fans and followers.


Social Media Strategy

Sure, social media sounds simple enough, and I already know what you’re thinking, “Is hiring someone to advise me on a social media strategy really necessary?”

Absolutely! We all know how important, even essential, social media is when it comes to developing a brand, engaging customers and creating lifelong fans and brand evangelists. Something this important should be well thought out and entered into with care.

Engaging with your social channels with no plan is like leaping off a cliff and trying to knit a parachute on the way down. Before beginning any social campaign, it’s essential to have a solid strategy in place. One that covers:

  • Social network selection
  • Guidelines for employee use and professionalism on and off the job
  • Measuring metrics and ROI
  • Best practices
  • Behavior on varied social channels
  • Identifying brand personality
  • Information shared and discussed
  • Posting Frequency
  • Plans for Growth (increasing engagement, followers, and fans).

If you have the manpower to execute social media marketing but would like some direction before you begin socializing with your customers, I can certainly help. Together, we can make your brand the coolest kid on the block.

Social Media Audit

Do you wonder how your current social media strategy and marketing tactics stack up to your competitors? If your competition is killing it or you feel your social media marketing skills are lacking, let me audit your brand’s presence across the various social networks.

I can provide an in-depth analysis covering your weaknesses, opportunities and ideas for improvements. With a little observation, analysis, and strategic thinking, we can energize your lackluster social participation so you can start a conversation with your customers, increase engagement, likes, fans, and followers.